How I Met Max - the Rescue Tuxedo Cat...

Everyone that meets Max, a tuxedo rescue cat, agrees that there's something extra special about him.  Aside from weighing in at 20 pounds with a personality sized to match, he has a way of controlling a room...much like a favorite actor has when on screen.  Well, that might be a little dramatic but you get the picture.  

Max came into my life with the loss of our beloved cat, Sambuca.  Sambuca was a long haired, black beauty and he and our tabby boy Colby, although from separate litters, were the bestest of best buddies.  I wanted to find Colby a new friend and give another kitty a "furever" home...

I searched and fell in love with Max's profile pic.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, his hind legs were hidden on purpose...

I discovered after meeting Max at Cameron Animal Hospital in NJ that a kind woman found his tiny body unconscious and he had two gaping holes on either side of his hind legs that were filled with maggots.  The hospital thinks it could have been from a coyote but, I think it may have been a bird of prey trying to fly off with him...he was that small.  Dr. Cameron himself stitched him back up with a couple of surgeries and told me that Max reminded him of a special cat that he had saved long ago and he wanted to give Max that same chance at life. I am forever grateful.  We were instantly charmed by Max's friendliness and bold personality.  He was certainly not shy and stood up on both of us to touch noses and then nestled in front of me while we spoke to the vet tech...we got his approval!

We had to wait a month for the wounds to heal before bringing him home but, that first encounter with Max was all we needed to know he was meant to be our new boy...

Here is Max with stitches...healing and, discovering his new home in 2010:

He has since assisted handymen with fixing washing machines and refrigerators. I smiled when I heard chuckling and baby talk from the next room during one mechanical failure.  I offered to put Max in another room and the response was "no, no, he's helping".  More smiles.  One technician even left a note saying that he and Max fixed our washer together and how Max "got right in there".  He commands attention and gets it!

And now Max is inspiring greeting cards...

I'm always photographing Max and capturing poses with greeting cards in mind.  Here are two Birthday cards that reflect every cat's spend the day napping - whether in a box or a special bed...

Tuxedo cat in box

Tuxedo cat napping Tuxedo cat napping

Do you have a rescue cat with a special story?  We'd love to hear it!

You can follow Max on Instagram!

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  • Jenn on

    My rescue story with Peluda was a blessing. I had recently moved from a shared apartment and had to leave behind my roommate’s cats that I had bonded to. I decided to take an apartment of my own and knew I would be looking for a companion at some point. I saw her picture on Petfinder and decided to inquire about her from a local rescue. In her pictures, full with a tuxedo mustachioed smirk, she looked to be 8 weeks old. I applied to adopt her and waited for her adoption day. On my way to the rescue, I questioned if it was fair to adopt a kitten when my home was suited for any cat that was “less adoptable”. I had considered meeting older cats, leaving this fuzzball for someone who needed a kitten. When I finally picked her up, she was 5 months old! She had been through multiple fosters and had even been adopted and returned. Her last adopter had clipped her nails past the quick, causing her to lose her trust in humans. She was angry to be at the adoption event, hissing at other cats and growling at the staff as they took her from her cage. We went to a small room to meet and Peluda, shortly after hiding, ran and brushed along my legs. She warmed up to me immediately. After signing the paperwork, I took her in a carrier to my car. By the time I put the seatbelt around the carrier, Peluda had started to purr and make air biscuits. When we got to my apartment, she never hid (as most cats do), but spent our first evening snuggled in my lap on the sofa.

    Peluda is the most vocal cat that I’ve ever met. She constantly wants attention and seeks to play at every moment. She’s given me so many moments to laugh about. By a week together, Peluda began to trust me to play with her paws. She can now be found most days with a ball in her mouth for fetch and a plan for getting more food. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, and we’ve only known each other for 4 months. And that mustache, that’s something to love, too.

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