Tilia Press is a design studio based in Northern New Jersey that aspires to encourage the sending of heart felt, eco-friendly greetings and hand written notes.  Nature, nautical and feline inspired, Tilia Press was founded by artist Anne Hammes as a creative outlet to blend her passions for making art with, the art of hand written correspondence.

About Anne:  Anne is a self-taught graphic designer with a background in painting and fashion design from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.  She has worked in NYC's fashion industry for many years as a designer and technical designer but has always had a passion for paper, painting, printing and surface pattern design.  Tilia Press was formed a few years after Anne's participation in a ten-day wood block print making class in Tuscany.  It's where she first heard the word "Tilia" and also acknowledged her desire to get back to a more "hands on", creative outlet.  Over the past several years, Anne has exhibited Tilia Press at the National Stationery Show, acquired two vintage tabletop printing presses and learned how to letterpress print.  Her love for painting has been reignited and is the technique that can be seen in her growing "Meet Max"® and Monarch Butterfly collections.

About the brand name:   "Tilia", a linden tree, is also known as a  “bee tree” and is a symbol of love and fertility in many cultures as well as revered for the medicinal properties of its fragrant flowers.  A young linden tree was planted in view of Anne's studio window as both a reminder of that magical trip to Tuscany where she first heard the beautiful word, "Tilia" and, the confirmation of her desire to grow as an artist.