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Catsbury Park Cat Convention - Unique visit to Asbury Park, NJ

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

June 23, 2019

April 14th, 2019 was my second trip to Asbury Park, NJ and it was for a different reason, but with a common thread...cats!  The first visit was a two day get-away to focus on finishing my catalog and last minute designs for the 2014 National Stationery Show.  At that time I was starting to work on ideas for Meet Max™ tuxedo cat greeting cards so it's appropriate that my second visit to Asbury Park was for the Catsbury Park Cat Convention hosted by Catsbury Park Cat Cafe.  Aside from being excited to go to a convention all about cats, I wanted to see if it's an event I'd like to exhibit Meet Max® at one day when the line is more robust.  It was quite a unique experience - I've never been anywhere with so much cat information and cat related products...With permission, I photographed a few booths and wanted to share their info.

Kitten Lady  - the professional kitten rescuer (Instagram= @kittenxlady)

I did not get to meet Hannah in person but found that her booth (and booth attendants) had valuable information on rescuing and fostering can find out more about her, and her work here:  Kitten Lady

Catsbury Park Cat Cafe and Tea House: They are the heart and soul of the Convention!  Along with bringing more awareness to our feline friends and creating a safe haven for them to be adopted out, they serve a great cup of tea and coffee too! 

Outside of the Catsbury Park Cat Cafe....a couple of cats for adoption in the window.

Tabby saying "hello" to Frank - I believe this kitty was adopted!

Kitty Town Coffee:   We also enjoyed meeting Zanetta and Kenny - the folks behind the coffee brand,  Kitty Town Coffee - where they generously gave us some of their Albert Blend roast and, we purchased the Original Sydney....both wonderful flavors!  Cats and coffee....what could be better?  Here is  Zanetta holding a Meet Max® greeting card!  

We also got to see Lil Bub's live interview in the evening which was quite entertaining.  I'll be honest, I had no idea who Lil Bub was before this but, I am now a fan of hers! 

Here is Max after the convention waving good-bye to the boardwalk....

These were just a few of the many special booths at the April 2019 Catsbury Park Cat Convention.  If you missed it, there is another convention this fall in Philadelphia on October 27th, 2019!  And, who knows, you just might get to "Meet Max®" at a Catsbury Park convention one of these years!


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